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'This Is Where I Leave You' Los Angeles premiere

Jane Levy - Stars of new film 'This Is Where I Leave You' were photographed on the red carpet for the Los Angeles premiere of the film at the TCL Chinese Theatre - Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 15th September 2014

Jane Levy
Jane Levy

About Alex Review


A riff on the 1983 classic The Big Chill, this ensemble drama's reunion of old friends differs because Alex's suicide fails this time. It's also, of course, filtered through a very different cultural landscape, with characters born at about the time the earlier film was released. This is a strikingly warm exploration of friendship, with light comedy and very dark emotions along the way. And even if it sometimes feels a little sloppy about its big themes, it has a lot to say.

After Alex (Jason Ritter) attempts suicide, his best pal Ben (Nate Parker) calls the old gang and asks them to come to Upstate New York and offer some support. Ben brings his girlfriend Siri (Maggie Grace), who's also part of the group. But they're grappling with some big issues in their relationship, since he's a blocked writer and she has just had a job offer in Los Angeles. The cynical Josh (Max Greenfield) arrives at the same time as the charmer Sarah (Aubrey Plaza), and they can barely conceal the waves of loathing and lust between them. Finally, Isaac (Max Minghella) brings his younger girlfriend Kate (Jane Levy). As these people reconnect, the awkwardness is made even more intense by the question of how they can help Alex.

It's intriguing to see a movie made about 30-ish characters by 28-year-old Jesse Zwick, son of filmmaker Edward, who made the seminal TV series Thirtysomething. The film refreshingly avoids stereotypes, populating scenes with realistic people who are still hung up on the same issues they faced while in university, including quite a lot of soapy "he likes her but she likes him" melodrama. But as the weekend progresses, the thoughtful conversations lead to revelations and confessions, spurred on by some pot-smoking, game-playing, dancing and noisy sex. All of which gives the actors plenty to play with.

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Los Angeles premiere of About Alex

Max Greenfield, Jane Levy, Nate Parker, Aubrey Plaza, Jason Ritter and Jesse Zwick - Los Angeles premiere of 'About Alex' at ArcLight Hollywood - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Wednesday 6th August 2014

Max Greenfield
Max Greenfield
Max Greenfield
Max Greenfield
Max Greenfield and Jane Levy

Cheryl Hines Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Ceremony

Chris Parnell, Jeremy Sisto, Cheryl Hines, Jane Levy, Carly Chaikin and Allie Grant - Cheryl Hines Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Ceremony - Los Angeles, California, United States - Wednesday 29th January 2014

Chris Parnell, Jeremy Sisto, Cheryl Hines, Jane Levy, Carly Chaikin and Allie Grant

Stella by Starlight Benefit Gala

Jane Levy - Eighth Annual Stella by Starlight Benefit Gala held at Espace - New York City, NY, United States - Monday 10th June 2013

Jane Levy
Jane Levy
Jane Levy and Keith Powell
Jane Levy

Jane Levy Files For Divorce From Her Secret Marriage

Jane Levy

Suburgatory and Evil Dead actress Jane Levy has filed for divorce form her husband Jaime Freitas after 7 months together, TMZ have reported. The news of the divorce, and the marriage for that matter, may come as a surprise to many as the marriage was only known about by the two until their divorce was announced.

The actress regularly plays young or teenage girls on screen, but she is actually 23-years-old and got married to her actor former-husband in March 2011. The pair only stuck together for 7 months and have kept their union under wraps until now, however their busy schedules have prevented the two from actually filing for divorce, until now.

Jane Levy
Jane Levy is on the rise in Hollywood

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Evil Dead Review


Remaking an iconic classic is dangerous business, even if the original filmmakers are on board as producers, but at least Uruguayan writer-director Alvarez has a few clever ideas up his sleeve. And a willingness to go gleefully over-the-top with the grisliness. But aside from a few gimmicky jolts, the film is never actually scary.

There are essentially only five characters in the story, which gives the actors a chance to find entertaining details along the way. Mia (Levy) is a drug addict whose three best friends (Lucas, Pucci and Blackmore) take her to her family's creaky old cabin in the woods to go cold turkey. They're joined by Mia's aloof brother David (Fernandez). But none of them know that locals have used the basement for a sinister ritual, and they left a creepy book behind that supposedly has the power to summon a vicious demon who wants to possess them all. So is Mia's freaky behaviour because of her withdrawal, or has something evil got hold of her?

This twist is rather clever, as it adds a level of mordant wit to the film, giving texture to the relationships between these five young people who we fully expect will begin to die horribly nasty deaths one by one. Indeed, what follows is an escalating series of blood-soaked set-pieces involving dismemberment and death at the sharp edge of any implement on hand.

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Evil Dead Remake Reviews – Can The 1981 Cult-Hit Horror Be Improved?

Jane Levy

Evil Dead remains one of the most-loved franchises in horror film history. Written and directed by Sam Raimi, and starring Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss, the 1981 version is well and truly a cult classic, so can the 2013 remake recapture that magic?

Watch the Evil Dead Trailer

Sadly not; according to most reviewers, Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead is nothing but an expensive rehash, without the romanticism of Raimi’s budget original. “Despite much old-school splatter, it's seldom frightening and oddly unfunny,” say Time Out, while The Washington Post describe it as “A gore fest that's just effective enough to whet fans' appetite for a sequel, even as it kills everyone else's appetite for dinner.” Vulture post the question: “Five years from now, will you want to watch this bloody $14 million extravaganza or Raimi's shoestring original, which was Amateur Hour elevated to pop art?” adding, “Evil Dead just bleeds money.” One thing it does retain from the original is the overt gore, which is noted by The Chicago Reader. “There isn't much to do here except turn the gore up to 11; if you've ever wondered what it would be like to jam a chainsaw into someone's mouth (and who hasn't?), this will give you a good working idea.”

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Evil Dead Trailer

When Mia, her brother and three friends vacate to an isolated cabin in the woods, they unwittingly discover a book labelled 'Leave This Book Alone' tightly bound up. It turns out to be a Book of the Dead which one of them reads a part of and subsequently rouses some dark and murderous demons intent on possessing the group and leading them to their doom. It doesn't take the spirit long to take over the youngsters as they fight in vain to survive until only one of them is left to desperately find an escape. 

The evil returns in this exciting remake of the 1981 cult horror 'The Evil Dead'. It is directed and written by Fede Alvarez in his debut feature length film with screenplay contributions from Diablo Cody ('Juno', 'Jennifer's Body') and Rodo Sayagues Mendez in his first feature. Production credits include the one and only Sam Raimi himself who created the original movie, along with the original main star and executive producer Bruce Campbell. 'Evil Dead' the 2013 edition is set to be even more spine-chilling than ever as the fourth instalment of the Evil Dead franchise. It is scheduled for release in the UK on April 19th 2013.

Director: Fede Alvarez

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Picture - Jane Levy , Sunday 13th January 2013

Jane Levy InStyle And Warner Bros. Golden Globe After Party at The Beverly Hilton Hotel - Arrivals Featuring: Jane Levy Where: Beverly Hills, California, United States When: 13 Jan 2013

Jane Levy
Jane Levy
Jane Levy

Be Silenced, Purists! Evil Dead Remake Is Delightfully Gory

Bruce Campbell Jane Levy

A full length ‘red-band’ trailer for the new Evil Dead remake has hit YouTube and purists, be silenced. For this one is delightfully violent and gory. A must for any horror or gore fan, whether you are a die-hard devotee of the original or not. Complete with a cameo from Bruce Campbell, it seems that Fede Alvarez has directed this one with all the love, care and downright irreverance that you would want him to.

Rather than opting to film the gory moments with CGI, Alvarez and his team went down the ‘painstaking’ and ‘expensive’ route. “There’s no CGI in the movie,” he told io9. “Everything you will see is real, which was really demanding. This was a very long shoot, 70 days of shooting at night. There’s a reason people use CGI it’s cheaper and faster, I hate that. We researched a lot of magic tricks and illusion tricks. [Like] how you would make someone’s arm disappear.”

At the start of the trailer, you have Jane Levy as Mia, looking terrifyingly terrified and talking in a weird, terrifyingly terrified manner about something out in the woods and how it’s probably actually in the house. Mia turns bad, throughout the course of the trailer and we’re left with the image of her slicing her tongue in half and showing her split & bloody tongue down someone’s throat. What’s not to like, eh kids!? Oh hang on, no – not the kids! The kids aren’t supposed to watch this one. It’s for “mature audiences only.” 

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Sam Raimi Goes In Hard With Evil Dead Remake Trailer

Sam Raimi Bruce Campbell Diablo Cody Jane Levy Jessica Lucas Lou Taylor Pucci

Sam Raimi and his production team have gone in hard with the trailer for the Evil Dead remake.

Branded for mature audiences only, there are moments in this teaser that are so gory, they leave you wondering what hell they’ve put in the rest of the movie. This remake of Raimi’s classic 1981 movie starring Bruce Campbell was initially met with a degree of pessimism from horror purists but he’s back on board, with Sam Raimi and indie movie darling Diablo Cody both claiming a writing credit for the remake and with Fede Alvarez in the director’s seat, they appear to have taken no prisoners with this resurrection and the trailer alone is sure to silence the cynics.

2013’s Evil Dead stars Jane Levy as Mia. Shiloh Fernadez, Jessica Lucas, Lou Taylor Pucci and Elizabeth Blackmore all join her onscreen, as does Bruce Campbell himself, albeit briefly. Campbell, of course, is a huge part of the success of the original 1980s movies, so it’s a relief to see him on production duties here as well.

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Fun Size Review


You know you're in trouble when a madcap comedy is unable to even raise a smile. And it's worse when it strains to include a sentimentally emotional subplot without grounding anything in believable characters or situations. All that's left is a lot of corny toilet humour and eye-rollingly limp schmaltz. Even a decent cast can't rescue this one.

It all happens on one Halloween night in Ohio, when brainy 18-year-old Wren (Justice) and her oversexed pal April (Levy) plan to attend the party of the year hosted by the school hottie. But Wren's mother (Handler) runs off to her own party, leaving Wren in charge of her mischievous 8-year-old brother Albert (Nicoll), who hasn't spoken a word since their father died a year earlier. And Albert quickly ditches Wren, running off for an adventure with a lovelorn convenience store employee (Middleditch). To find him, Wren gets help from the nerdy Roosevelt (Mann), who has a crush on her.

The premise has potential, blending Adventures in Babysitting and Home Alone along with a bit of emotional subtext. But the screenwriters never make anything of it, instead indulging in startlingly unfunny slapstick, jokes about paedophilia and a sappy streak of half-baked sentiment. All of which means that the filmmakers waste their solid cast at every turn. Justice and Levy make an enjoyable if unlikely duo, while Nicholl is full of unpredictable energy. But the filmmakers manage to subdue the usually irrepressible Handler in a badly underdeveloped role that's still the most interesting thing in the film.

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Fun Size Trailer

Popular high school chicks Wren and April can't believe their luck when they are invited to long-haired heartthrob Aaron Riley's much anticipated Halloween party. It appears Wren's only problem is to work out what her costume's going to be; that is until she's about to leave the house and her mother drops the bombshell that she's to babysit for her eccentric younger brother Albert while he goes Trick-or-Treating dressed as Spider Man. As if things weren't bad enough, while Wren and April are moping about missing the party, Albert disappears on his own. Anxious that her mother will find out she's been neglecting her responsibilities, Wren and April set out on a frantic search for Albert; who is being used an accessory by a man who has set out to avenge a broken heart; whilst swindling 'nerds' and suffering public humiliation along the way.

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