Jane Fonda loved the huge fake boobs she had to wear in new movie This Is Where I Leave You, insisting she was treated differently as a busty babe.

The movie veteran was fitted for the enhancement for one revealing scene with Jason Bateman in the film, and admits she grew very fond of her breasts.

She says, "It's fun, actually. They smooth this stuff on you... It took a while and it felt really good and it's made of silicon and it's not heavy. I should have had them bronzed... There's been so much buzz about them (boobs) that the studio, I think, is considering a sequel just with them.

"When you have t**s that big, people treat you differently; they just pay more attention.

"We were shooting way out on Long Island (New York) and there wasn't a lot of traffic, but there was just enough so that when I walked from the make-up trailer to the studio, I would sort of let the robe fall open and I'd watch the face of drivers going by."

And Fonda admits she had no idea her boobs would be one of the funniest things about the new comedy until she saw the movie at the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada recently.

She explains, "I knew it was a funny effect but I didn't really know that they'd have their own set of laughter. There was a lot of laughter about these t**s, so much that you couldn't hear some of the dialogue."