After giving us the astounding details of a maritime disaster in Titanic, director James Cameron now presents an equally astounding 3-D return to the real wreckage of the ship, under 12,000 feet of ocean and at a pressure of 6,000 pounds per square inch. Part scientific exploration, part history lesson, Cameron has pulled together a multinational dive team and crew with specialized expertise, along with actor Bill Paxton as a participant-narrator for a documentary that is at times awesome and at times meditative on how one faces the question of life or death in the face of disaster.

Making the revisit possible is the most advanced underwater submersible and IMAX 3-D camera technology. The capabilities of both are well demonstrated in an introductory section of the film, taking full advantage of the medium to make you dodge a claw as it thrusts out at you, or allow you to carefully study faces as though you're sitting next to them.

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