Darius Rucker's racist tweet, directed squarely at the singer-songwriter for making country music, was the talk of Twitter this week. A user named pqkullman - who has since deleted his account - tweeted to Rucker, "Leave country to the white folk," following a discussion about the classic song 'Wagon Wheel,' written by Bob Dylan and finished by Old Crow Medicine Show.

Obviously offended by the tweeted, Rucker replied, "WOW. Is this 2013 or 1913[?]" adding, "Ill take my grand ole Opry membership and leave your racism. Wow." The former Hootie & The Blowfish singer signed off by tweeting, "Gotta go to bed this has been hilarious tonight.If any hater thinks I care what u think. I don't make music for u. So don't listen."

Watch the video for Darius Rucker's Wagon Wheel:

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