Jamiroquai - Review

Jamiroquai - Review
Jamiroquai Review

To coin a lyrical phrase from Jamiroquai "I must have died and gone to heaven" this week I was fortunate enough to land the hottest ticket in town - Jamiroquai's launch party for the brand new album. The venue was full of celebrities, A List and Z list, liggers and wanna be’s, for example someone that was tenth to get evicted on Big Brother, but hey that was the only negative point on an amazing evening.

J.K. is basically Jamiroquai, yes the band is as tight as hell, but he is the man. I know they say in football one player doesn't make a team, but J.K. is to Jamirooquai what Zinedine Zidane was at his peak or Diego was at his peak to Real Madrid and Argentina’s national team respectively.

I have never been the biggest fan of the singles from Jamiroquai but always a huge fan of their amazing, at times breathtaking albums. But live things are totally different for example I was never a fan of "Cosmic Girl" but live in Cirque on Tuesday evening the live performance left me in awe. J.K.s energy, the groups stunning musicianship and backing singers that could make it on their own would have left you in no doubt of this. "Space Cowboy", "Canned Heat", "Love Foolosophy" and the phenomenal "Alright" as with "Cosmic Girl" literally lifted the roof of the venue.

Once again I am not the biggest fan of the latest single, which amazingly they didn't perform. But they performed two amazing tracks from the album "Seven Days in Sunny June" and "Star Child" which have got me gagging for the album. J.K. is a total entertainer, with his cheeky chappy style, the place was full to bursting point and I don't think there are many artists that could get such a lavish party from Sony for an album launch. But hey this man is Sony UK's bread and butter and on this evidence, will be for many years to come. Bring on the live gig at Clapham Common I say.


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