Jamie Oliver is a marmite-like guy, you either love him for trying to improve the diets of the nation's children and poorest people, or you hate him for ruining school dinners and generally being a bit smug about it all, with little or no knowledge of what it's actually like to be poor. Anyway, he's been inspiring/annoying people again by having a go at underprivileged people for having a poor diet, telling them there's plenty of alternatives to ready meals, like stale bread and cheap meat.

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To be honest, Jamie has been getting a bit chubby lately

Oliver was speaking to the Radio Times to promote his upcoming series Jamie's Money Saving Meals, in which he plans on schooling people on how to make their most of their limited income to make food that is nutritional, cheap and actually tastes good. The doughy-faced chef was promoting the new series as well as discussing his confusion towards the eating and spending habits of the lower classes in society, commenting that many of the poorest people are counter-productive in their spending habits, forking out for a big TV and buying over-priced, nutrition-free food for tea.

"The fascinating thing for me is that seven times out of 10, the poorest families in this country choose the most expensive way to hydrate and feed their families. The ready meals, the convenience foods," he commented. "Some of the most inspirational food in the world comes from areas where people are financially challenged. The flavour comes from a cheap cut of meat, or something that’s slow-cooked, or an amazing texture’s been made out of leftover stale bread."

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Some people refuse to forgive Oliver for getting rid of chips, cheese and gravy at lunchtime

Oliver has been a stauch campaigner for healthy eating since his 2005 series Jamie's School Dinners, ruining school dinners for everyone still in education, although admittedly making things better for kids in the long run.

The former face of Sainsbury's supermarkets was also critical of people's allegiances to supermarkets and commented that people would be better off going to their local market rather than remaining loyal to a favoured shopping chain.

He added, "From a supermarket you're going to buy a 200g bag of this or a 400g pack of that. If you're going past a market, you can just grab 10 mange tout for dinner that night, and you don't waste anything."

Jamie's Money Saving Ideas airs on Channel 4, Monday 2 September at 8 p.m. (GMT).

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His new show will air next week - it won't be as good as Rick Stein