Jamie Lynn Spears has surprised her Instagram followers by sending her daughter (Britney Spears’ niece) to school, dressed as Aunty Britney. In a bizarre parenting move, Jamie Lynn decided that ‘Celebrity Day’ at Maddie’s school was the perfect day to dress her four year-old daughter up as Britney, circa the ‘1998 ‘Baby One More Time’ video. It’s a touching tribute to her sister for sure, but we think it’s a little creepy seeing young Maddie dressed up as her own aunt – especially considering the controversy that the video caused at the time.

Luckily, Maddie’s quite a bit more covered up that the 16 year old Britney was in the original vid. She hasn’t got her mid-riff showing, for a start! She has copied the tartan skirt, knee length socks and cardigan though and has her hair tied up in pigtails, just as Britney did when she filed the video for the song that launched her career. Jamie Lynn reportedly explained that her daughter was wearing the outfit as part of her school’s ‘Homecoming Week,’ according to the Daily Mail. And hey, when you’re aunt is Britney Spears and she’s working as a judge on X Factor, why not… erm… go to school dressed up as her!?

Jamie Lynn split from Maddie’s dad Casey Aldridge in 2009, when Maddie was just nine months old. Jamie Lynn took a break from her music career to concentrate on raising Maddie but has now moved to Nashville in the hope that she can go back to doing what she loves best.