Actress Jamie Lynn Sigler has created a smash-hit jewellery line as a tribute to a pal who recently lost her battle with cancer.
The former The Sopranos star has dabbled with jewellery for years, revealing she started designing bracelets and necklaces with best pal Holly Freeman when she first moved to Los Angeles.
The two friends put their CJ Free venture to the side for several years but when Freeman's best friend from high school was diagnosed with breast cancer, they created pink and gold bracelets to support her.
And when the friend died, Sigler and Freeman decided to get serious about their hobby so they could raise money for cancer charities.
Sigler tells WENN, "We thought this could be a great way to benefit these charities because these girls would get complimented on these bracelets even with no one knowing what they meant. It's sort of an homage to the coloured rubber bracelets people like to wear in support of a charity, but with a different spin on it.
"Every month we have a new coloured string bracelet with 24-karat gold beads on them, and the proceeds go to charity.
"We've done a purple one for American Cancer Relay, a red one for American Heart Association; we have a blue one out right now for Alzheimer's. In October we have a pink one coming out for breast cancer, we have a turquoise one for ovarian cancer. We're raising a lot of money.
"They're cool and fashionable; guys and girls are wearing them. We're getting new charities every month to join in with us so that's been a great side project for me."