Review of Purplized Album by Jamie Lewis

Stand out Swiss DJ/producer and record label owner Jaime Lewis releases 'Purplized' on his own label Purple Music. With his partner Manuela De Pasquale, this duo is certainly making big waves in Switzerland bringing some amazing artists to their label and creating great parties across Europe. Lewis has been in the game for a long time, spanning a 20 year DJ career and having released some smash dance singles featuring Prince, it's time bring 'Purplized' to the masses.

Jamie Lewis Purplized Album

'Purplized' is a collection of dance tunes, offering different blends of European and American influences in the mix. It's all about tight production and house grooves. The tracks on this album have a song formula to them making it different from blended mix album. There's ten tracks that all have their own style and character. They show the experience of Lewis for sure. From the disco and diva aspects in 'Obsession' to the more electro sounds of 'Seven Days'. Tracks like 'Dance 4 Me' with Prince and '2 Nite' featuring Bria Valente shows definite sophistication.

I could really hear the evolution of dance music with 'Purplized' revealing a host of influences that seemed recognisable and relevant. The tracks are well-produced and do resonate his own style. It's not a bad album in that there is a roundness to make it a complete rather than merely a DJ mix. I can see many getting down to these tracks that certainly have commercial appeal as well as a certain sophistication too. I'm sure there's a few remixes too for the discerning listener.

Tareck Ghoneim

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