If you didn’t think Channing Tatum had a funny side (we certainly didn’t), then White House Down might be the movie to prove you wrong. In the flick, Tatum plays an ex-soldier, who is trying to become a Secret Service agent and Jamie Foxx is… the president of the United States. While the role is definitely right up Tatum’s alley, who tends to do well with these classically masculine characters, White House Down doesn’t seem to have the makings of a buddy film. That is, until you watch the second trailer.

In the first one it was all about threats to national security and the exploding White House… in this one though, we get to see a lot more of the interaction between Foxx and Tatum and the two just mesh well. Plus, Foxx’s portrayal of a president isn’t something we’re used to seeing either. All in all, this new preview into the flick amps up the human interest. And, by extension, if the characters seem human, the plot becomes that much more interesting. It’s no longer your average “The US is in danger, someone has to save it” spiel we’ve seen countless times before. It becomes a film about two unlikely partners, trying to fight off the bad guys, while keeping their sarcastic wits about them the whole time. And that film we can see over and over again and not get bored. If you think this might go on your summer To Watch list, you might like to check out the trailer below.