Jamie Foxx has revealed his young daughter was not fazed by his frightening turn as a villain in the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man film, as she was on the set of his violent film Django Unchained.

The Oscar-nominated actor will be making his superhero film debut playing Electro in the highly-anticipated Spider-Man sequel next year (14).

Foxx was transformed for the role, sporting a shaved head and electric veins visible through his bright blue skin.

During an interview with Queen Latifah on her U.S. talk show on Thursday (19Sep13), Foxx revealed that his four-year-old daughter, Annalise, surprisingly took his menacing makeover in her stride.

He explains, "She was on the set when we were shooting Spider-Man. And she had her third birthday on set and had a whole Spider-man theme. And I told her I was going to be playing Electro. She said that Spider-Man was going to kick my butt because I am the villain."

Foxx reveals his daughter's nonchalance could come from the fact she was on set during filming of Quentin Tarantino's bloody western.

He adds, "She was on the set of Django. She was used to all of the craziness. So by the time we got to this, she was like, 'I'm a lightweight.'"