Oscar winner Jamie Foxx left pal Oprah Winfrey redfaced during her US daytime show yesterday (29NOV05) when he refused to play down reports the pair were secretly dating.

Joking about one report, which claimed the couple liked to indulge in sex sessions - during which Winfrey swung from chandeliers at Foxx's home, the actor made the media queen a gift of a lighting fixture, claiming it came from his home.

And he refused to confirm that there was nothing going on between the couple when Oprah urged him to tell the truth and dispel reports she was splitting from her longtime boyfriend STEADMAN GRAHAM to romance the RAY star.

Instead, he said, "When I was on IN LIVING COLOR I would always tell KEENAN (WAYANS), 'Oprah, that's my flavour,' because you're a woman, you have your body and I'm from the South and I like it thick.

"What you have is something that nobody can describe. There was an interview with Vibe magazine... where I said, 'When I get to heaven, there's gonna be a surprise; we're all gonna be waiting on God and it's gonna be Oprah Winfrey.'

"You're on the top of the world and we really do watch and listen for everything you say to kind of get our lives together, that's the truth.

"The truth is I'm just waiting for you and Steadman to clear everything up... You're attractive, you're pretty and at the same time you're successful and I dig how you look."

The chandeliers weren't Foxx's only gift to Oprah - he also commissioned revered African-American artist ARTIS LANE to capture Oprah on canvas and presented her with the full-length portrait.