Of course Valentine’s day next year sees Fifty Shades of Grey’s much anticipated release. If all goes to plan, this could be the movie that fully launches Dornan’s career into Hollywood superstardom. So far the word is that the film might not be as raunchy as the books, but that doesn't mean they'll be holding back too much on the story's more explicit aspects. After all it's what the public wants isn't it.

Jamie Doran will play Christian Grey in the upcoming movie

Right now Dornan has been doing the promotional rounds for New Worlds and facing the inevitable Fifty Shades of Grey questions. It seems, perhaps problematically, Dornan's already become known as Christian Grey before anyones even seen his performance. Forgetting next year's release, Dornan's TV career so far has already proven he's an actor of note, even if he didn't have a potential mega hit coming our way. Right now Jamie's probably hoping audiences can put Christian Grey to the back of their minds and enjoy New Worlds, afterall Jamie's not a soon to be star, really he's already made it.

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