Beyonce teased us all over the weekend, when she shared a 15 second teaser for the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie on her Instagram page. The fustratingly short teaser is just the beginning for Fifty Shades fans, as the movie’s first full trailer is set to drop this Thursday. So what has this ever so tantalising Fifty Shades teaser left us wondering ahead of Thursday’s big reveal?

Jamie DornanJamie Dornan will soon be breaking hearts as Christian Grey

After our very brief encounter with Mr Grey the big question on everyone’s lips is what could Queen Bey’s possible Fifty Shades involvement be? In the trailer a slowed down version of Beyonce’s 2004 classic ‘Crazy In Love’ could be heard, but does this mean she’s involved in the movie’s soundtrack? And if so what does that really mean, will she be offering us some new material, or will it all be rewordings of older songs? Seriously who’d have guessed that a Fifty Shades of Grey teaser would leave us all talking about Beyonce?

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But if Beyonce is involved in the film’s soundtrack then a world of possibilities has just opened up. For starters, imagine if Bey decided to record a duet with British singer Rita Ora, who’ll be starring in the flick as Christian’s sister. Really that seems like an opportunity too good to be missed. Then, if Beyonce is going to be recording some original songs, imagine the lyrical potential. A song written by Beyonce as Anastasia? Now that would be interesting.

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Of course the teaser wasn't all Beyonce’s breathy vocals. It also gave us an ever so sneaky peek of Christian Grey himself. Okay. well all we actually got was one shot of him from the back and two close ups of his hands, one as he unlocks a door and another as he touches a knee which we hope belongs to Anastasia.

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