James Walsh felt ''pressured'' when writing solo album 'Lullaby'

The Starsailor singer worked on a record inspired by the screenplay for new movie 'Lullaby' by author Chuck Palahniuk - writer of 'Fight Club' - and while he was nervous, tried not to worry about what fans of the writer's books would say.

James said: ''I felt some pressure definitely but I think it's important not to second guess what Chuck P fans would want from a soundtrack, and just do what I do naturally.

''I'm a big fan. I think he has a skill in creating pretty dark twisted characters but often with a human element. There's usually a heart in there somewhere.''

The 32-year-old singer admits his band have inspired some of the music he has produced, some of the tracks he has created are too dark to be reminiscent of them.

He added: ''There are elements of Starsailor in come of the songs, like 'Start Again', but much of it is very dark.

''A song like 'How Can You Love Me' comes from the point of view of a pretty nasty character that I wouldn't have thought of with the band.''