British singer/songwriter James Morrison fell for the charms of Grammy winner Joss Stone at last night's (14FEB07) Brit Awards, after persuading his girlfriend not to accompany him to the London ceremony. The UNDISCOVERED hitmaker, who was the surprise recipient of Best British Male Solo Artist, is reported to have asked his girlfriend JILL not to go with him to the Valentine's Day event, opting to take his mother GAIL instead. However, after neglecting his long-term love last night (14FEB07), Morrison spent much of his time backstage chatting to the 22-year-old Family Affair star and lavishing compliments on her. He gushed, "There's women and there's Joss Stone. If I wasn't attached I would definitely be after her. She's gorgeous, isn't she? "If I had to pick one other artist that I would love to go out with, it's her."