James Morrison "hated making" his second album - because it was "rushed" and too similar to his debut record.
The British singer reveals he was pressured into making his 2008 sophomore effort Songs for You, Truths for Me sound like his successful debut Undiscovered.
Songs for You, Truths for Me was certified double platinum and sold more than one million copies around the world but Morrison admits he still regrets rushing the recording process.
He says, "I was under pressure from my record label not to make it (second album) too different from my debut because that had sold so well. It was rushed and I hated making it. I hate wet music, but that's what I've been accused of making."
And the star also reveals he wasn't a fan of Broken Strings, his 2008 duet with Nelly Furtado, adding: "It's far from my favourite song, because it's not got as much feeling as my best ones."