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Reggie is 12-years-old and living in a sprawling New York property with his wealthy parents, though he rarely gets to spend any time with them. His company is mainly servants, nannies and other young adolescents at school, who he struggles to mix with due to his age-exceeding wisdom and passion for playing the cello. However, this startlingly intelligent young boy is about to meet 23-year-old Eleanor, who is equally struggling to get to grips with her life. Constantly hopping between odd jobs, never seeing her family and trapped in a relationship with a volatile slacker, she finds herself lucky enough to land a job as Reggie's nanny after a brief interview with his preoccupied mother. The pair hit it off immediately and, as their friendship grows, they start to teach other the most important things in life; dreams, love and family.

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Compliance Review


If a movie's success is measured by its ability to get under our skin and provoke a reaction, then this might be the film of the year. Designed to make us furious, this drama pushes us to the brink as we shout at the characters for being so naive. But the events depicted are based on actual experiences, and the more we think about this, the more unnerving it becomes. It might be impossible to believe that anyone could be this stupid, but can we really be sure we'd make better decisions?

Award-winning actress Ann Dowd (who also played Channing Tatum's mum in Side Effects) stars as Sandra, manager of a ChickWich fast-food outlet in Ohio. She has the usual issues with her young employees, who think she's out of touch, but is happy because she expects her boyfriend Van (Camp) to propose tonight. Then she gets a phone call from Officer Daniels (Healy) telling her that her young employee Becky (Walker) has stolen cash from a customer. He asks Sandra to detain Becky in the office and search her belongings. Sandra makes sure the assistant manager (Atkinson) is present, but she becomes more hesitant about Daniels' more extreme demands. And over the next few hours, he pushes things much further, getting Becky's young colleague Kevin (Ettinger) involved, as well as Van.

Writer-director Zobel structures the film perfectly to strike a nerve. As outsiders we are naturally more suspicious, wondering how Sandra knows that the man on the phone is actually a cop, especially when be begins to bully her with threats. She just wants to do the right thing, and questions all of Daniels' requests, but for us looking in we can't help but think that what he's saying is so preposterous that she needs to just put a stop to it. Cleverly, each character has a very distinct reaction when they get on the phone with Daniels. But as the situation escalates into something unthinkable, we can't understand why no one becomes a voice of reason.

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Picture - James McCaffrey, Kerry Bishe, Ron... New York City, USA, Thursday 22nd April 2010

James McCaffrey, Jonathan Tucker and Norman Reedus - James McCaffrey, Kerry Bishe, Ron Stein, Jonathan Tucker, Grace Gummer and Norman Reedus Thursday 22nd April 2010 at Village East Cinema New York City, USA

James McCaffrey, Jonathan Tucker and Norman Reedus
James Mccaffrey

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