The Welcome To The Punch trailer has hit, giving us a sneak peak into the gritty crime thriller, starring James McAvoy, Mark Strong and Andrea Riseborough. The Eran Creevy-directed film is set to hit Cinemas on March 15th.

Creevy recently spoke to BANG Showbiz at a Gala Screening of the film at the Vue Cinema in London's Leicester Square. He stated he was inspired by the numerous action films to come out of Hong Kong when writing and directing the British thriller. “I think [the film is] inspired by a love of Hong Kong action cinema, such as films by John Woo and 'The Killer', and I think what sets it out [from other British action films] is it's more aspirational,” he explains. “It's kind of a very glossy looking American style thriller, but shot in this country. It's very London-centric, with the London cast and the city as a backdrop in the movie. I think hopefully that an audience will take it as a good, fun, exciting action movie.” Featuring some stellar actors – Trainspotting’s Peter Mullan and London To Brighton’s John Harris in particular – Creevy is proud of the film’s cast, and worked hard to get them. He said: ''They're the some of the best actors of their generation. And you just always aim high when you cast and we got as best as we could. It was great.”

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McAvoy – perhaps the film’s biggest star plays a London detective who gets ‘one last’ crack at a notorious criminal (Mark Strong) after he returns to town following a botched heist. Here’s hoping this is a ‘one last job’ film not to forget.