Actor James McAvoy was forced to give up the protein shakes he guzzled to help him bulk up for his role opposite Angelina Jolie in action film WANTED - because they gave him terrible gas.
The Scottish actor had been stocking up on muscle-building supplements in preparation for the movie, but his efforts left him with an unfortunate and rather smelly downside.
He says, "They really helped - but they do come with the unfortunate side effect of violent flatulence!
"I gave up taking them and just tried to eat as much steak and chicken as I could."
But MCAvoy's pong problems didn't stop there - he was paranoid about his breath for his kissing scene with one of the world's most beautiful women.
He tells WENN, "Contrary to all the rumours, I didn't ask for five more takes to get it right.
"I was more worried about the garlic pasta I had for lunch. I didn't want my breath to stink. I was a wreck. I wasn't there to enjoy the kiss."