James Mangold did the impossible when tackling Marvel movie 'Logan', bringing home an Oscar nomination for the film that would serve as Hugh Jackman's last hoorah as the mutant with the adamantium skeleton and claws. Now, the filmmaker is ready to move on to a different universe altogether, if one new report is to be believed.

James Mangold is off to a galaxy far, far awayJames Mangold is off to a galaxy far, far away

There have been rumours floating around for a while that Lucasfilm would be expanding upon their 'Star Wars' universe in a number of different ways. This week has seen the release of 'Solo: A Star Wars Story', fleshing out the history of fan-favourite Han Solo. That's something that's also been discussed for other characters, including Obi-Wan Kenobi and Boba Fett. Whilst Kenobi's flick is still very much a possibility, it's Fett's story that seems to be moving along at a faster pace.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mangold will not only direct a solo Boba Fett flick, but will write the treatment. No specific details about the movie have yet been given, such as when it'll be taking place and which other characters may be making an appearance, but it looks like Lucasfilm are extremely dedicated in pushing this project forwards.

Fett's origin story has already been given some love from Lucasfilm, with the 'Star Wars' prequel trilogy revealing that he was actually a clone of original bounty hunter Jango Fett. Whether or not that will play into the film being written by Mangold remains to be seen, but it's a story thread that has had fans talking ever since it came out.

With Mangold also working on his 'Ford vs. Ferrari' project over the summer, the filmmaker has got a lot on his plate! It would be fantastic to see the Boba Fett movie be what he works on immediately after that film, but exactly when it will go into official development and production hasn't yet been announced. We'll be keeping our eyes and ears peeled.

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We'll bring you more news surrounding the developing 'Boba Fett' movie as and when we get it.