The last of the formalities around James Gandolfini’s death last month are being taken care of – including the actor’s will. Turns out, the big-hearted actor was generous to the end, especially with his friends and family. Gandolfini’s will was filed in Manhattan Surrogate’s Court yesterday (Tuesday, July 2). Apparently The Sopranos actor left millions to friends and family – as you might expect. But he also gifted large sums of money to his secretary and PA, among others.

James Gandolfini, Stella By Starlight Gala
Gandolfini endowed his family, his close friends and even some employees.

Naturally, the biggest part of Gandolfini’s modest fortune will go to his family – wife Deborah Linn and his two children, 8-month-old Liliana Ruth and 13-year-old Michael. It was the elder boy, who unfortunately found his father’s body last month, while the two were on a family vacation in Italy. Michael will get the bulk of the actor’s estate, when he turns 21, the New York Post reports. Said fortune was apparently estimated at around $70 million when Gandolfini died on June 16.

James Gandolfini, Nicki Deuce Premiere
His son gets the most of Gandolfini's fortune.

Additionally, through his trust fund, the younger Gandolfini also gets first dibs on his father’s condo in the West Village. The preteen will also get access to the precious parking space that comes along with the apartment. He is also automatically entitled to all of Gandolfini’s clothing and jewelry, as per the will – though he probably won’t have much use for them for a while.

James Gandolfini, Zero Dark Thirty Premiere
The lot includes a West Village condo and over $70 million.