James Franco arrives at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz for a special screening of 'TAR'

James Franco - A jam session in cinematic form - TAR is a short film collection inspired by the work of poet C.K. Williams, winner of the Pulitzer Prize. Written and directed by 12 filmmakers, the film brings together several of C.K. Williams' best known poems, giving rise to a freeform poetic journey through the life of C.K. Williams. Travelling through time and so many decades of his life, Williams is pervaded by a feeling of rejuvenation and at the same time one of loss, including the sense of meetings past and present. His constant contact with the past and the desire to preserve memory prevent him from being close to his wife and from uniting his memories to life in the present. But during the journey he is able realize how both are very important. - Ausitin, Texas, United States - Wednesday 6th March 2013 (9 Pictures)