The Oz The Great And Powerful reviews are in, and, as ever, they’ve been totted up by Rotten Tomatoes and we’ve got an average score. Let’s have a look what the critics thought in our review round up.

With a 60% aggregate score, it certainly wasn’t a disaster like some of the movies we’ve seen recently. (Ahem, Die Hard, AHEM Identity Thief). CNN said “The new Oz falls short of the 1939 Oz in charm and innocence, and certainly in songs. But as family entertainment, it's hard to fault such a rapturous spectacle and astute, suspenseful piece of storytelling.” The Los Angeles Times, though, were less kind, giving the movie 2.5/5 and saying, “A partially effective jumble whose elements clash rather than cohere, this solid but not spectacular effort stubbornly refuses to catch fire until it's almost too late.” Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian, who is one of the most respected film critics out there, praised the choice of James Franco as lead. “Whether you like this movie may depend very materially on how you respond to Franco himself, but I found his casting very astute,” he explains.

The other reviews continue on the same vein, unable to decide themselves whether this is a good movie or not. The truth is, given the monolithic task of recreating such a legendary and much-loved story was always going to be a tough one.