James Franco would rather shoot movies than go on holiday.

The 'Spring Breakers' star prefers to be in front of a camera filming scenes for a motion picture than lying on a beach soaking up the sun because he doesn't count his profession as ''work'' and never longs for a break from shooting films.

He told Nuts magazine: ''I'm very fortunate because my work is the same thing as what I love. And in addition to that, when I make movies, or when I do these different projects, I get to work with all my friends and sometimes even my family.

''And so, in that sense, I'm not working at a job that I'm hoping to get away from.

''I'm not working, waiting for my two-week holiday. A holiday is not as good as what I do professionally.''

While he loves his work, the actor recently pulled out of directing and starring in 'Garden of Last Days' two weeks before filming is due to begin.

The actor-and-director had committed to the project as his next directorial effort, but the film is now expected to be scrapped as he has walked away amidst a scuffle with movie studio/financiers Millennium.

The star reportedly disagreed with the studio about several crew members he intended to hire for the film - which was due to begin production on July 10 - because they couldn't get clearance from a partner insurance company to work on the set.