James Franco wants to direct another two films based on William Faulkner's novels.

The 36-year-old actor-and-director has admitted that he would love to adapt another two novels by the modernist author, after starring in 'The Sound and the Fury' which is based on the 1929 book by the American writer.

Talking to The Guardian newspaper, James shared: ''There's two more Faulkners we want to do: 'The Hamlet' and 'The Bear'. 'The Bear' would be difficult, just because you need a trained bear, but nowadays you could probably do a CGI or motion capture, like in 'Planet of the Apes'.''

When asked why he feels such a connection to the author, who died in 1962, the handsome actor replied: ''He's the granddaddy of southern writers. He's our high modernist writer. He goes hand in hand with James Joyce and Virginia Woolf and [Marcel] Proust. He's like our version of all of that.

''I think his best books are 'As I Lay Dying' and 'The Sound and the Fury', the two books that I've adapted. The world within the film takes place in the 1920s or earlier, but his writing is so complex and unusual that it allows me to use very contemporary film techniques and editing styles.''

James then added that William's modernist writing style does make it more complicated for him as a director, but was quick to point out that he doesn't dislike this aspect of adapting the novels.

He said: ''That's one of the reasons that I do it. It pushes me as a filmmaker to find solutions, and filmic techniques that I normally wouldn't use. I have to think, 'How do you get stream of consciousness?' And, 'How are we going to tell this non-linear story?' ''