Weirdness piled on top of weirdness: that has been actor James Franco's life for the past few months as he finds himself at the centre of successive tabloid scandals. From trying to seduce that 17 year-old to being named on Lindsay Lohan's notorious "sex list" and now a nearly-nude selfie that had his fans mouths agape.

James Franco
James Franco Has Pulled Down A Cheeky, Nearly-Nude Selfie.

The actor is known for his many selfies but the 36 year-old star has taken it a step further recently by posting photos of himself basically in the buff, simultaneously teasing and mystifying his many fans. On Thursday night, the actor posted a snap of him standing in front of the mirror in his bathroom in just his boxer briefs with his hand down his pants, exposing plenty of pubic hair.

Hours later, the photo had been removed, perhaps due to sharp words from his management, ribbing from his close friends, or a backlash of criticism online. Regardless, he has continued to post selfies including one where he appeared to be naked in bed but with a sheet draped across him. James captioned the picture: "WTF HAPPENED? I was waiting for you!!!!!"

Keegan Allen
Franco Posted A Shot Of Himself With Fellow Actor Keegan Allen In Bed.

The shot mirrored another that showed Franco holding a piece of apple in a similar pose, captioned "APPLE SLICES IN MY BED - I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DIDNT SHOW UP!" It's not known whether the selfies were not-so-subversive messages to someone in particular or whether the captions are just him further teasing his fans. It has also been speculated that his slightly strange behaviour could be him taking part in some kind of social experiment similar to actor Shia LaBeouf's recent antics.

Rumours that the 127 Hours star may be bisexual arose when he uploaded a "bed selfie" with his friend, the actor Keegan Allen. By the look of the shot, both of the guys are mostly naked and appear to be lying on some kind of futon.

James Franco Comedy Central Roast
The Actor Is On A Bit Of A Media Rollercoaster At The Moment.

In an essay in the New York Times last December entitled "The Meanings of the Selfie," Franco discussed the culture of taking photos of oneself and how it was easy to become addicted to the feedback.

"I've learned that the selfie is one of the most popular ways to post - and garner the most likes from followers," he wrote, adding "In this age of too much information at a click of a button, the power to attract viewers amid the sea of things to read and watch is power indeed [...] Attention is power."

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