James Franco has turned producer for his latest project, titled The Director, and this isn't just any new project either as the Oscar-nominated actor is overseeing a new documentary about life behind the scenes at fashion giants Gucci. The brand's creative director Frida Giannini will actually be the main subject of the documentary, although the film does promise to take you behind the scenes of catwalk shows and the brand's Italian headquarters for a barely seen before look at life in fashion.

The documentary premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival yesterday (April 22) and is directed by Christina Voros. The idea for the film came from an interview between Franco and the film's main subject, Giannini, with the designer detailing the fim's origins at last night's premiere. "The idea of the documentary was really born out of a provocation," said Giannini. "James Franco and I were asked to interview each other for a special magazine feature and when I asked him, 'What's your next project?' he replied, 'to make a documentary about you.' I actually thought it was his dry sense of humour at play, but then somehow the provocation became a reality."

Franco has a good relationship with the fashion company already, starring in a handful of Gucci campaigns over the years. Franco has also worked with director Voros before too, with the Hollywood everyman linking up with her on Danny Boyle's 2010's Oscar-nominated 127 Hours. Check out the trailer above to see what to expect from the venture.

James Franco
James Franco has a busy year with new releases.