James Franco is optioning D. J. Waldie's memoir 'Holy Land'.

The actor - who last month added Stephen Elliott's 'The Adderall Diaries' to his options list - asked the author if it was available to be made into a film and he agreed to give him the chance to turn it into a feature.

Waldie said: "Several months ago I was asked through my agent if it was available for option, and of course I said yes."

The book tells the tale of Lakewood, California - the world's largest suburb - and how it was drawn up and divided into smaller areas to allow for house building.

According to Variety, Waldie expect the memoir will be made into a documentary by Franco.

The 32-year-old actor has made no secret of his desire to step behind the camera and work as a directing, working on a number of shorts including 'The Feast of Stephen' and 'Masculinity & Me' as well as a documentary about the goings on behind the scene at comedy show 'Saturday Night Live' entitled 'Saturday Night'.