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My former partner had a copy of the James Dean-in-tree photo in his possession back in the late 1960s. There was nothing fuzzy about the photo when I saw it (although I imagine it's been copies a lot over the past 50 years), and it was most definitely James Dean.

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To Whom It May concern: I have been a writer for over 40 years, and wrote about 25 articles in several languages, about Dean. Based on the research conducted by some biographers, the questioned picture appeared about 35 years ago in a couple of their publications. I have seen it, and I feel it is authentic. I lived in Paso Robles for a number of years and had the opportunity, as a child, of seeing Dean in Mendocino, during the filming of East of Eden. Some of his friends in Indiana claimed the man in the picture is Dean. Perhaps the Museum in England consider the picture or photograph of Dean obscene.

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