James Corden thinks his new life in America is ''a bit ridiculous''.

The 36-year-old presenter has relocated to Los Angeles with wife Julia and their children Max, three, and two-month-old Carey to host 'The Late Late Show' and he is amazed by the people he is already rubbing shoulders with.

During a dinner at Madeo in Beverly Hills, he told companions Piers Morgan, former cricketer Andrew Flintoff and his producer Ben Winston: ''It's all a bit ridiculous. My new neighbour is Steven bloody Spielberg!''

James takes over on the show next month and though he isn't nervous, he isn't expecting much from his hosting stint.

Discussing their meeting in his column for Event magazine, Piers wrote: '''Are you nervous?' I asked. 'No, more excited. It will probably be a complete disaster but it will be a lot of fun too.' ''

The 'Into the Woods' star recently admitted he was worried about his family seeing their new home as he had chosen it without any help.

He said: ''My wife hasn't even seen the house yet. I picked it all by myself - she was pregnant so she couldn't fly, so there's a lot of pressure on my shoulders right now.''

James refused to be drawn on the details of his new abode because he feels like an ''idiot'' discussing the luxury facilities.

Asked if it is extravagant, he said: ''I couldn't possibly comment because there's no way of saying it without sounding like an idiot.''