James Corden, the host of last night' Brit awards has spoken to Radio 5 live about the moment when he was forced to interrupt Adele's thank you speech. In a relatively drama-free awards ceremony, the most-talked about moment of this year's Brit awards has become the moment that James Corden was ordered by the show's organisers and Itv network bosses to interrupt Adele's acceptance speech for Best British Album.
Adele had a chance to say how proud she was to be flying the flag for Britain and to come home and win two Brit awards after her magnificent Grammys sweep on February 12, 2012. It certainly appeared that she had more to say and when James explained that he had to interrupt her, Adele raised her middle finger, though not in Corden't direction. In the Bbc interview, Corden explained the pressure that he was under as host, to keep the show running on time: "The truth is, just after Adele said 'Thank you', people were saying 'You have to go in now, you have to cut her off now'. I said 'I can't', but they said 'You have to' and I thought 'How can we cut her off when the whole room was on its feet?' and they said 'You gotta do it now'.It was such a surreal moment - everything you can hear in your ear is about five people having an argument and there's one overriding voice saying 'You have to'."
Corden went on to explain that he missed out on seeing Blur - one of his favourite bands - because he wanted to apologise for cutting short her speech: "I didn't even watch Blur which I was so looking forward to . they're one of my favourite bands, but I immediately went and spoke to her. It's upsetting and disappointing. I just wanted to say [to Adele] 'I'm so sorry' and to say if 'I had my way you'd push the news for a minute and a half'. But you can't make that call."