Actor LEONARDO DiCaprio found himself in trouble with director James Cameron while filming crucial scenes for his break-out movie Titanic after feigning a hatred of water.

The Catch Me If You Can star grumbled about getting wet while he was shooting watery sequences with co-star Kate Winslet in the 1997 blockbuster, much to Cameron's irritation.

The frustrated Avatar moviemaker put up with DiCaprio's complaints throughout production, but finally lost his cool on the final day of shooting when the actor admitted he was a qualified scuba diver.

Cameron says, "Leo was like a Siamese cat trying to get into the water. He made a huge production of it every time. The water could be 80 degrees but he hated to get wet - or pretended he hated to get wet.

"It turned out on the last day of shooting, we had to do an underwater scene and he said: 'I'm a certified scuba diver'. What was all this stuff with the cat and getting into the water? I wanted to wring his neck."