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The Things They Say 19002

16th November 2010

"With baseball, he was nuts. He chased umpires too, I remember one umpire hid behind a fence because he made a bad call, and I think my dad had a bat in the trunk! I...

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The Things They Say 16454

11th May 2010

"Once I did something for him and he cut me out of the movie... I flew out from Miami, didn’t get paid, worked in 104 degrees and then he cut me out." JAMES CAAN on...

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Duvall & Caans' $1 Million Giveaway

15th April 2010

ROBERT DUVALL, JAMES CAAN and his son SCOTT CAAN are giving away $1 million (£666,000) to help aspiring moviemakers achieve their dreams.The trio serve as Advisory Board Members and shareholders of, a company which...

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Caan's Tequila Soaked Birthday Bash

3rd April 2010

Hollywood playboy JAMES CAAN showed no signs of slowing down while celebrating his 70th birthday last week (26Mar10) - he downed tequila shots and partied until the early hours in Las Vegas.The Godfather star celebrated...

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Caan's Ex Wants Custody Of Kids

10th December 2009

Veteran actor JAMES CAAN will have to fight for his two children with estranged wife LINDA STOKES - his ex has filed for physical custody of the kids following their split last month (Nov09).The star,...

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James Caan-s Marriage

20th November 2009

James Caan has filed for divorce from his wife of 14 years.The 'Godfather' star is citing "irreconcilable differences" for the split from spouse Linda Stokes after filing the papers in Los Angeles' County Superior Court.He...

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Caan Files For Divorce Again

20th November 2009

JAMES CAAN has filed to end his marriage to fourth wife LINDA STOKES four years after he first split from her.The actor, who turns 70 in March (10), filed for divorce in 2005, but the...

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The Things They Say 13077

5th August 2009

"They're f***ing nuts. You have to either accept that or you do like me: You get married four times. I think after you get divorced twice it should be like driving - you lose your...

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Fascinating Fact 7759

31st July 2009

BENICIO DEL TORO has been honoured for his big screen achievements in Havana, Cuba. The star - who played Cuban activist CHE GUEVARA in two films last year (08) - was handed the Tomas Gutierrez...

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Caan Contract Lawsuit Denied

31st March 2009

The film company facing legal action from THE GODFATHER star JAMES CAAN has denied it has ever entered into a movie deal with the actor. Caan filed a $5 million (£3.44 million) suit against Fish Weir...

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Caan Sues Over Movie Deal

14th January 2009

THE GODFATHER star JAMES CAAN has launched legal action against a Hollywood production company - accusing movie bosses of breaking a deal for him to star in an upcoming film. The actor filed a $5...

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Black Eyed Peas Member Fergie Weds Actor Duhamel

12th January 2009

Singer Fergie and actor Josh Duhamel have departed for their honeymoon after marrying this weekend, it has been confirmed.The Black Eyed Peas vocalist and Transformers star were wed at the Church Estates Vineyards in Malibu...

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Sims' Run-in With Caan

12th June 2008

MOLLY SIMS credits JAMES CAAN with making her a better actress, after they initially clashed on the set of U.S. TV drama LAS VEGAS. The former model played Caan's daughter for four seasons of the...

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Caan Quits Movie After Row With Director Russell

23rd April 2008

Actor JAMES CAAN has quit new comedy NAILED after an on-set bust-up with director DAVID O. RUSSELL. The star was hired to join the movie's South Carolina set for just two days to shoot his...

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Labeouf And Christie Sign Up For New York, I Love You

10th April 2008

Shia LaBeouf, Julie Christie and John Hurt are the latest stars to sign up to appear in New York, I Love You, a collection of 12 short films set in each of the city's five...

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Caan To Launch Mature Film Company

20th June 2007

Las Vegas star JAMES CAAN has started his own film production company, which aims to make movies for mature audiences. The Godfather star admits he isn't fussed with most modern movies and believe blockbusters today...

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Caan To Make Las Vegas Return

10th May 2007

Actor JAMES CAAN will return for the first episode of the next season of US TV show Las Vegas. The 67-year-old star recently announced his decision to quit the drama when the current fourth season...

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Selleck Set For Las Vegas Role?

12th April 2007

TOM SELLECK is in negotiations to return to TV as JAMES CAAN's replacement in hit drama LAS VEGAS. The former Magnum, P.I. star is in talks to play a casino owner on the show. His...

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Caan Quits Las Vegas

28th February 2007

JAMES CAAN is leaving LAS VEGAS after announcing he won't be a part of the fifth season of the hit US TV drama. The movie icon and co-star NIKKI COX will not feature in the...

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Stars Line Up To Take Part In Brando Documentary

1st February 2007

Late, great movie icon MARLON BRANDO is to be honoured by his friends and peers as part of a new two-part documentary to air on TV in America in May (07). JAMES CAAN, AL PACINO,...

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Beatty To Receive Cecil B Demille Honour

15th November 2006

WARREN BEATTY is to be honoured with the 64th CECIL B DeMILLE Award for Lifetime Achievement at the 2007 Golden Globe Awards in Hollywood. The actor/director's latest accolade was announced by JAMES CAAN at a...

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Caan Photos Bring Pitt + Jolie Out

25th August 2006

BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE made their first public appearance together since the birth of baby SHILOH in May (06) - to help actor pal SCOTT CAAN launch a new Los Angeles photograph exhibition. Camera...

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Mobster: 'Caan Came To Me To Scare Pesci'

22nd June 2006

Movie tough guy JAMES CAAN once ordered a Mafia-type investigation on fellow actor JOE PESCI after the GOODFELLAS star refused to pay a hotel bill, according to new US reports. THE GODFATHER star called on...

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Stallone Celebrates 60th In Style

5th June 2006

SYLVESTER STALLONE celebrated his 60th birthday in style last night (05JUN06) with fellow action men and Planet Hollywood founders BRUCE WILLIS and ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER. The superstar trio were among the celebrities celebrating at the soon-to-open...

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Bates And Bradshaw Sizzle Off-screen

3rd April 2006

MISERY star KATHY BATES and her latest co-star TERRY BRADSHAW had such sizzling chemistry onscreen, people began to mistake them for a couple in real-life. The Oscar-winning actress has worked with legendary performers such as...

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Caan Gives Thanks For 'Corrupt' Fbi Arrest

29th March 2006

Actor JAMES CAAN has sent a letter of thanks to Brooklyn District Attorney CHARLES HYNES for launching an investigation into allegedly corrupt FBI agent LINDLEY DeVECCHIO. THE GODFATHER star's friend JOSEPH (JO-JO) RUSSO was jailed...

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Caan Tired Of Wife's Renovation Dreams

10th January 2006

Movie tough guy JAMES CAAN is begging his wife to scale down her renovation plans because he hates living in upheaval. Caan and LINDA STOKES briefly separated in 2004, and now THE GODFATHER star...

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Clooney's Crafty Drinking Contest With Schwarzenegger

14th December 2005

GEORGE CLOONEY once left ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER in a drunken stupor, after cheating his way through a drinking contest. While working on their 1997 movie BATMAN + ROBIN, Clooney rose to Schwarzenegger's challenge in defence...

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Piven To Host Pacino Fete

18th October 2005

Actor JEREMY PIVEN has been selected to host the 20th annual American Cinematheque Award on Friday (21OCT05) which is set to honour screen legend AL PACINO. The event, which will take place in Beverly...

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The Things They Say 193

12th September 2005

"I think, in a sense, it killed the career that he wanted. I think he envisioned more like a WOODY ALLEN career. He wanted to do his own film and THE GODFATHER got in the...

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