James Brown's widow was left out of the soul legend's will because he thought she was gay. The singer's longtime valet and confidante ROOSEVELT JOHNSON claims his late boss went to his grave believing TOMI RAE HYNIE was a lesbian. Johnson tells America's National Enquirer that Brown cut his wife out of his will after learning she was having an affair with one of his female backing singers, CANDICE HURST. The valet says, "James died of a broken heart... People in James' entourage knew there was something going on between Tomi Rae and Candice. I even saw them kiss on the lips in a dressing room. "He (Brown) told me, `She wants me to remarry her. I never will. She's a lesbian. And I'm cutting her out of my will, too." Hurst has admitted she's a lesbian, adding she once shared a bed with Hynie, but "nothing happened." But Hynie insists she isn't gay, stating Hurst "introduced me to my husband and that's as far as it went." Hynie is currently contesting her late husband's will after discovering she and her five-year-old son have been left out of inheriting anything from the Godfather of Soul.