Music legend James Brown has hit out at contemporary bands for being too scruffy onstage.

The stylish GODFATHER OF SOUL, who considers his trademark suits as conveying "politeness and manners", likes to advise contemporary groups on how to present themselves onstage.

Brown says, "These young bands today don't bother to dress up, but they should.

"Do I tell them? I try to give them good advice, to let them see what it means to have uniforms on and have discipline in a show.

"They see me, and they know I'm setting a good example. I always dress up when I'm working. It's called show business. A suit says style, politeness and manners.

"When my band walks out on stage, the audience applauds for ten, maybe 20 minutes because they're so well dressed.

"We can play for any occasion - for presidents, or down at Buckingham Palace. We're sharp and cool, just like the Queen."

Brown is also keen to avoid bad language in his shows - in a move to encourage families to attend.

He explains, "Folk can bring their kids or their mother, and you won't see or hear anything bad. The only four-letter word we use is love. Love and, er, GOD. Well, that's a three-letter word.

"What I'm saying is, there's nothing hateful about a James Brown show. I'm a musical SANTA CLAUS; I turn up and make people feel good."

02/07/2004 13:58