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Jackson To 'Record Comeback In London'

30th September 2005

Superstar MICHAEL JACKSON will reportedly step out of hiding in the Middle East next week (begs03OCT05) to record his charity single THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART in Britain. The THRILLER singer has been residing...

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Jackson Breaks His Silence

19th September 2005

Superstar MICHAEL JACKSON has broken his silence over his child molestation court battle, describing the trial as "the hardest thing I've ever done in my life". The THRILLER hitmaker spoke to news agency Associated...

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Brown's Wife Runs Away From Drugs And Violence

15th September 2005

JAMES BROWN's fifth wife TOMI RAE has gone into hiding in Los Angeles after running away from the soul legend, insisting she's tired of her husband's abusive ways. The backing singer, who, at 36,...

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Jackson Recruits Stars For Katrina Song

13th September 2005

MICHAEL JACKSON has recruited a galaxy of stars to appear on his Hurricane Katrina relief single - and he's delighted the cream of America's music industry has flocked to his side following his acquittal on...

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Dando: 'Drugs Good For Music'

26th August 2005

American rocker EVAN DANDO became a drug addict because his childhood heroes were drug users and he wanted to emulate them. The LEMONHEADS frontman, who became addicted to crack and heroin during the band's...

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Iron Maiden Inducted Into Hollywood Rock Walk

11th August 2005

IRON MAIDEN has been honoured with the ultimate rock accolade - they are to be inducted into Hollywood's Rock Walk Of Fame. The British metal legends, who have enjoyed a resurgence of interest since...

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James Brown 'Rape' Case Thrown Out

30th June 2005

A civil rape claim against singing legend JAMES BROWN has been thrown out, because the two year time limit to bring an allegation before a US court has expired. Brown's former PR assistant JACQUE...

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James Brown To Close Edinburgh Live 8 Gig

28th June 2005

Soul legend JAMES BROWN will headline the Edinburgh leg of Live 8 next week (06JUL05) - as world leaders meet at the G8 summit in nearby Gleneagles, Scotland. The SEX MACHINE star is keen...

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Brown Slams Modern Music

22nd June 2005

Soul legend JAMES BROWN has attacked on modern hip hop and R+B, claiming new artists have none of the "vitality, vigour or dynamics" from his day. The 72-year-old claims technology has replaced talent and...

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Wives 'Didn't Understand' James Brown

22nd June 2005

JAMES BROWN's string of marriages failed because his ex-wives didn't understand him, the singer claims. The 72-year-old singer has been married to current wife TOMMIE RAE HYNIE, successfully for three years - but he...

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God Helped Brown Beat Cancer

22nd June 2005

Godfather Of Soul JAMES BROWN called on God to help him through his battle with cancer last year (04). The 72-year-old SEX MACHINE legend believes he only survived his gruelling prostate cancer treatment through...

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Will I Am: 'James Brown Is The Coolest'

3rd June 2005

BLACK EYED PEAS star WILL.I.AM decided soul legend JAMES BROWN was the world's "coolest musician" - after he witnessed helpers attending to the singer's every whim at the mere clap of his hands. The...

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Usher Looks Set For Dreamgirls

19th May 2005

LATEST: R+B star USHER has confirmed he is in negotiations to star in a new movie version of the musical DREAMGIRLS - just days after his mother denied any association with the project. If...

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Jamie Foxx And Usher Join Beyonce In Dreamgirls

12th May 2005

OSCAR-winning actor JAMIE FOXX and R+B heart-throb USHER will be joining sexy singer BEYONCE KNOWLES in the movie adaptation of hit stage musical DREAMGIRLS. In the movie, which is loosely based on MOTOWN singing...

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James Brown Statue Unveiled

8th May 2005

A life-sized bronze statue of soul legend JAMES BROWN has been unveiled in his Augusta, Georgia, hometown to celebrate his musical accomplishments. The $40,000 (GBP22,000) tribute - funded by private donors and the city's...

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James Brown Statue To Be Unveiled

22nd April 2005

Soul legend JAMES BROWN will be immortalised in bronze when a life-size statue is erected in his honour in his hometown of Augusta, Maine. The tribute will be unveiled on 6 May (05) -...

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Kaiser Chiefs Unnerved By New Celebrity Status

21st April 2005

British band KAISER CHIEFS realised the full extent of their rapid rise to stardom when they appeared on America's THE LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN - alongside Hollywood superstar PENELOPE CRUZ. The I PREDICT...

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Paul Simon Set For Bmi Honour

20th April 2005

PAUL SIMON is set to be honoured as a BMI ICON at the upcoming 53rd BMI POP AWARDS. The singer-songwriter will receive his accolade on 17 May (05) in Los Angeles. Those who...

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Green Day, Snoop And Brown Headline Oxegen Festival

19th April 2005

American acts GREEN DAY, SNOOP DOGG and JAMES BROWN will descend on the tiny Irish town of Naas for this year's (05) OXEGEN FESTIVAL. Naas - 32 kilometres (20 miles) south of the capital...

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Nirvana Preserved For Posterity

14th April 2005

NIRVANA's 1991 album NEVERMIND has been selected for long-term preservation by the US Library Of Congress. The generation-defining disc will join 49 other American sound recordings when they are housed in Washington DC's National...

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Snoop: 'I'd Never Cut My Hair Short'

17th March 2005

SNOOP DOGG would do anything to alter his appearance for a film - except cut his long hair. The rapper is trying to expand his acting repertoire after an impressive performance in hit comedy...

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Female Preacher Dead At 56

15th March 2005

R+B legend LYN COLLINS died of cardiac arrhythmia at a hospital in Pasadena, California, on Sunday (13MAR05). She was 56. Collins made her name as one of JAMES BROWN's backing singers, and...

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Brown: 'Jackson Was Set Up'

7th March 2005

Soul legend JAMES BROWN is convinced MICHAEL JACKSON has been set up on child molestation charges by saboteurs intent on destroying his career. The Godfather Of Funk, who was jailed in the 1980s and...

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James Brown's Autobiography Criticised By Mother-in-law

5th March 2005

JAMES BROWN's former mother-in-law has blasted the soul great for sanitising his ex-wife's death in his new autobiography I FEEL GOOD. In the tome, the 71-year-old star recalls his 45-year-old ex ADRIENNE died on...

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Usher Gets 'Godson' Honour From James Brown

16th February 2005

R+B hunk USHER has been crowned the 'Godson of Soul' by funk superstar JAMES BROWN, after the two danced together onstage at Sunday's (13FEB05) GRAMMY AWARDS. Usher and the Godfather of Soul wowed fans...

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Brown To Headline Indonesian Tsunami Concert

15th February 2005

JAMES BROWN will perform at a concert to raise money for survivors of last year's (26DEC04) Indian Ocean tsunami next month (MAR05) in the Indonesian capital Jakarta. The Godfather Of Funk is joined on...

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Waits Hasn't Had Fun Since 1962

18th January 2005

Moody TOM WAITS admits the last time he had "fun" was 40 years ago - at a JAMES BROWN concert. The gravel-voiced American singer prefers to occupy his life with educational activities rather than...

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James Brown Sued For Alleged Rape

7th January 2005

Funk superstar JAMES BROWN has been slapped with a lawsuit by a woman who claims he raped her at gunpoint in 1988. The lawsuit, filed by JACQUE HOLLANDER on Wednesday (05JAN05), claims the star...

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Brown To Visit Iraq?

22nd December 2004

Funk legend JAMES BROWN has offered to sing for both American and Iraqi troops in the war-torn Middle Eastern country. The LIVING IN AMERICA singer, who is currently battling prostate cancer, tells American magazine...

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