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Brolin: 'Fight Never Happened'

24th July 2008

Actor JAMES BROLIN is convinced his son JOSH's much-publicised bar brawl in Shreveport, Louisiana, never happened. The No Country for Old Men star and W. co-star Jeffrey Wright were arrested by police on 12 July...

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Brolin Is A Real Life Treasure Hunter

26th March 2008

Veteran actor JAMES BROLIN has become a real life treasure hunter, after buying into a company that recruits divers to search ship wrecks for hidden riches. The 67-year-old diving enthusiast has shares in the firm,...

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Brolin's Ex Recovering After Freak Traffic Accident

9th November 2007

The ex-wife of BARBRA STREISAND's husband JAMES BROLIN is recovering in hospital after a bizarre traffic accident. Actress Jan Smithers, a star of beloved U.S. TV sitcom WKRP In Cincinnati, was driving naked when she...

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Brolin + Ladd To Join Dallas Cast?

24th October 2007

JAMES BROLIN and DIANE LADD are in negotiations to play EWING family parents JOCK and MISS ELLIE in the revamped DALLAS movie project. Directors and cast quit the film at the beginning of 2007, leaving...

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Brolin Plans Organic Fast Food Chain

28th August 2007

BARBRA STREISAND's husband, actor JAMES BROLIN, has his sights set on becoming an organic fast food king. The entrepreneurial Amityville Horror star, who runs a lumber company and a building business, is the brains behind...

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Brolin Braces Himself For Troops' Online War Footage

25th August 2007

BARBRA STREISAND's actor husband JAMES BROLIN fears the true horrors of the war in Iraq are set to start shocking Internet users when returning troops post harrowing footage online. The anti-war activist admits he's surprised...

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Streisand Planning Final Movie

23rd August 2007

BARBRA STREISAND is planning one more major movie venture after she completes work on her home in California. The actress/director's husband JAMES BROLIN reveals Streisand is planning a big screen comeback once she has the...

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Fascinating Fact 3120

16th April 2007

DIANE WARREN was inspired to write AEROSMITH mega-hit I DON'T WANT TO MISS A THING after hearing JAMES BROLIN talk fondly about his wife BARBRA STREISAND....

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Streisand's Spouse Forced To Select Better Projects

12th December 2006

BARBRA STREISAND's husband actor JAMES BROLIN has had to rethink the roles he accepts since tying the knot with the renowned perfectionist. Brolin starred in the classic TV series MARCUS WELBY MD and HOTEL and...

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James Brolin Denies Son Josh Is Violent

13th November 2006

Actor JAMES BROLIN is disgusted by rumours his son JOSH BROLIN has a violent marriage with DIANE LANE, insisting the couple's relationship is "brilliant". HOLLOW MAN star Josh was arrested in December 2004 on suspision...

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Brolin Slams Streisand/prince Charles 'Affair'

13th November 2006

BARBRA STREISAND's husband JAMES BROLIN has laughed off reports the singer had a secret affair with British royal PRINCE CHARLES. THE AMITYVILLE HORROR actor was stunned when author CHRISTOPHER ANDERSEN claimed Streisand had an illicit...

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Cruise Hires Aniston And Pitt's Wedding Planner

31st October 2006

TOM CRUISE has hired the same Hollywood event production company that planned the fairytale nuptials of BRAD PITT and JENNIFER ANISTON to co-ordinate his upcoming wedding to KATIE HOLMES. The celebrity couple are tying the...

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Brolin Wants To Direct 24

7th May 2006

Actor JAMES BROLIN wants to direct an episode of hit drama 24 because his wife BARBRA STREISAND is a huge fan of the show. He admits that no matter where the couple are or what...

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Brolin To Team Up With Rambo

10th April 2006

BARBRA STREISAND's husband JAMES BROLIN will fill the role played by the late RICHARD CRENNA in the new RAMBO film. The actor has signed on to play vigilante JOHN RAMBO's military aide CORPORAL KEATING, according...

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Brolin And Streisand Call In The Experts To Keep Their Marriage Safe

25th March 2006

Movie star JAMES BROLIN is convinced his third marriage to diva BARBRA STREISAND will last the rest of his life because the couple calls in counsellors when the going gets tough. The actor reveals living...

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Streisand Goes For Jenny Craig

30th December 2005

Singing diva BARBRA STREISAND has reportedly turned to diet czar JENNY CRAIG to help her slim down in the new year (06). The WAY WE WERE singer, 63, and her actor husband JAMES BROLIN,...

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Streisand Enjoys Active Love Life

30th January 2005

Legendary singer and actress BARBRA STREISAND has dispelled myths that a couple's sex life dwindles with age, insisting it actually gets better. The OSCAR-winning actress, 62, credits her active sexual relationship with husband JAMES...

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Driver Admits Tension With Streisand

12th January 2005

Actress MINNIE DRIVER has finally confessed she had a stormy relationship with former mother-in-law-to-be BARBRA STREISAND. Driver was engaged to marry JOSH BROLIN, the son of Streisand's husband JAMES BROLIN, before they split suddenly...

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Hoffman Reveals Streisand's Sex Life

11th January 2005

DUSTIN HOFFMAN has exposed an intimate secret BARBRA STREISAND told him on the set of MEET THE FOCKERS - she and her actor husband JAMES BROLIN have sex six times a week. The veteran...

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Josh Brolin Arrested For Spousal Battery

20th December 2004

Actor JOSH BROLIN was arrested at his Los Angeles home yesterday (19DEC04) on charges of hitting his wife of four months, DIANE LANE. The HOLLOW MAN star, 36, was charged with spousal battery and...

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Streisand's Saturday Sex Sessions

20th December 2004

Singing legend BARBRA STREISAND still enjoys a healthy sexual relationship with her husband of six years JAMES BROLIN. The diva rarely discusses her relationship with the veteran actor, but while promoting new movie MEET...

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Streisand Gives Exclusive To Goddaughter

4th December 2004

BARBRA STREISAND has sat down for an exclusive one-on-one TV interview - with her 16-year-old goddaughter CALEIGH PETERS. The singer and actress appeared on American TV show EXTRA! yesterday (03DEC04) to talk about her...

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Lane Wed Brolin Barefoot

20th August 2004

THE PERFECT STORM star DIANE LANE's recently wedding to JOSH BROLIN was a very relaxed affair - the actress marched down the aisle barefoot, while guests were allowed to bring their dogs. The couple...

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Actors Guild Selling Foreclosed Films

22nd July 2004

In an effort to recoup more than $400,000 (GBP220,000) from stars including DAVID BOWIE and CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER, America's SCREEN ACTORS GUILD (SAG) is selling the rights to seven small films. Bosses at SAG say...

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Murphy Brings Shrek Character To Siegfried + Roy Series

23rd March 2004

Hollywood funnyman EDDIE MURPHY will play his SHREK character DONKEY in a new series based on illusionists SIEGFRIED + ROY's famous tigers. Murphy will reprise the role for one episode of computer animated series...

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Brolin: Streisand Is Perfect For Focker Role

4th February 2004

Hollywood legend BARBRA STREISAND is perfect for the role of BEN STILLER's mother in the sequel to comedy MEET THE PARENTS, according to her actor husband JAMES BROLIN. Brolin, 63, told reporters at the...

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Streisand 'Is Reading Fockers Script'

28th January 2004

LATEST: BEN STILLER's plan to recruit singing diva BARBRA STREISAND to play his mother in upcoming sequel MEET THE FOCKERS looks to be working - she's reading the script. According to her husband JAMES...

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Good News For James Brolin

12th November 2003

BARBRA STREISAND's husband JAMES BROLIN has something to celebrate after his THE REAGANS TV miniseries was axed - his role as another American icon, CLARK GABLE, is finally being released. The movie GABLE AND...

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Streisand Backs Reagan Show

3rd November 2003

BARBRA STREISAND has hit out at critics of her husband JAMES BROLIN's portrayal of RONALD REAGAN in a TV biopic of the former American President. Supporters of the former Republican president have slammed the...

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Streisand's Marriage Secret Revealed

15th October 2003

Superstar BARBRA STREISAND has discovered the secret to a happy marriage - kindness. The legendary singer has just celebrated her fifth wedding anniversary with husband JAMES BROLIN, and she's convinced she now knows the...

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