The banged up Honda motorcycle driven by Daniel Craig in the opening scene of James Bond's latest adventure in Skyfall is set to be put up for auction on eBay, with the proceeds all going towards Children In Need.

The speed machine appeared during the opening scene of this years Bond film, having been filmed in the Turkish cities of Istanbul and Adana earlier this year. The scene actually used two bikes, one driven by the film's police and the other belonging to a street merchant, commandeered by Bond as he pursues one of the film's henchman, Patrice (played by Ola Rapace). Honda UK are hoping that the auction will rase tens of thousands of pounds, all of which will go towards helping disadvantaged children.

Honda UK's corporate communications manager, Fiona Cole, told press: "Original items such as this are usually highly sought after and with the Bond films having incredibly broad appeal, we hope that 007's 'street merchant' bike will raise a significant amount of money and awareness for such an invaluable cause."

For those wishing to help out on this and many other auctions and money raising activities in aid of Children and Need, all information is available on the BBC's website.