Former James Bond star SIR Roger Moore has demanded officials around the world put a stop to the sexual exploitation of children - by pursuing paedophiles across international borders.
The 81 year old was speaking in Germany on Tuesday (02Jun09) to publicise a new report for Unicef, for which he is a longterm ambassador, on the sexual abuse of youngsters.
He called for police to enter foreign countries in a bid to catch abusers and put them behind bars.
Moore says, "Childhood is being destroyed by sexual abuse, violence and neglect. We must stop it. If we do nothing, our silence would mean acceptance.
"I can hardly imagine a more shameful violation of the rights of children as the deliberate exploitation of their bodies by unscrupulous adults to serve their sexual appetite. They destroy the childhood of their victims and do harm to them that lasts throughout their lives."
He adds, "Perpetrators must be followed across borders."