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What a bunch of yellow journalist turds you are. Here's the article you stole this story from, and it's completely different:http://news.independent.co.uk/people/pandora/article343906.ece* Samantha Bond is stoical about the decision to axe her alter ego, Miss Moneypenny, from the forthcoming James Bond film.Unlike her famous predecessor Lois Maxwell - who reckons the whole thing is "a travesty" - the comely actress says die-hard Bond, fans ought to be delighted."If you read the original Casino Royale, you'll see that Moneypenny didn't feature in the book, so it's natural that she's not in the film either," I'm told.As to rumours that she may return in future episodes, Ms Bond - who was speaking at the launch of the BsquareB summer ball - is unequivocal."No. I've always been Pierce Brosnan's girl, and said that as long as he was going to play Bond then so would I [play Moneypenny]. But no longer."I've been the only modern Moneypenny to snog Bond, so to do it with another leading man would be like being unfaithful."

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