James Bond '23', the forthcoming movie in the long running spy franchise, is set to begin shooting at Duntrune Castle, near Lochgilphead in Scotland, according to Press Association. Various unconfirmed reports on Friday (7th October 2011), claim the film will be titled 'SkyFall'.
The castle will be used as a location for Bond's ancestral home, although the interior scenes will be shot in a studio. Patricia Malcolm, who lives at the historic residence with her husband Robin, said, "They are coming here at the end of February and are going to film for several days. They are using the castle - just the outside - it's going to be used for the end of the film. I think it is meant to be James Bond's ancestral home - he will bring all the villains here". Patricia revealed the crew are planning to "construct the set and then blow it up", adding, "There are going to a lot of bangs and explosions". Cast and crew, including director Sam Mendes, are expected to stay in the local area boosting business for hotels and restaurants. Scotland is becoming an increasingly popular film location - Brad Pitt brought his zombie blockbuster 'World War Z' to Glasgow city centre in August, while Halle Berry visited in September to shoot the highly anticipated 'Cloud Atlas'.
Speculation surrounding the movie's official title intensified on Friday, with numerous UK tabloids reporting Sony Pictures and Mgm's recent acquirement of various domains, including 'JamesBond-Skyfall.com' and 'SkyfallTheFilm.com'.