Good old Sky, with all their money and stuff. The TV giants have managed to scoop yet another exclusive deal with the news that, for one year, James Bond films will be shown exclusively on their network - and to celebrate that fact they've made a special James Bond channel purely for the purposes of Bond.
The Guardian reports that this is the latest in Sky's continuing monopoly - they've already taken the Formula 1 Grand Prix rights from the Bbc, and are luring many of their top comedians away too - and the 007 channel will show nothing but Bond films back to back for a solid month, which you'll have to subscribe to in order to watch, of course. The 007 channel will be in HD with films promised to be run ad free, and additional interviews and featurettes being included around the feature length presentations. The worry for everyone else, of course, is that if this is a success, there's nothing to stop Sky trying to gain sole rights for other film franchises, it could show all of 'Star Trek' for instance, or take sole rights to 'Star Wars'.
However, critics of the move have also pointed out the fact that altogether the James Bond films last for about two days. That's an awful lot of repeats going on for a subscription channel.