Many in Britain may wish that there was a real James Bond to generally take on the world and keep Blighty safe, but they might want to think again when they see how much such an agent could cost them in tax payers' money. With 'Skyfall' on the way out soon, there's something of a 007 mania taking off, leading one website - - to provide an infographic on just how much money it would cost to just employ one agent. And don't forget, in the books and the early films there were a lot more of them.

Even a look at his clothes makes for sobering mathematics, with ten suits for him costing around $32,000. That's not including his $6000 watch, $920 cufflinks, $2,800 shoes and $720 sun glasses. Then we get to the cars. His Aston Martin 1963 DB5 would cost an estimated $600,000 whilst his new 2012 model would cost $360,000. Let's not forget Bond's expenses either which, including repairs for damages, legal services, martinis, hotels and champagne - oh, and an annual salary of $160,000 - total over $3.3 million.

With training including electronics, surveillance, hacking, languages, chemistry and a whole host of other abilities, this infographic reckons the total of that would be some $1.36 million. So, the total of everything put together? A cool $5.7 million. Let's just get some slingshots and scarecrows in instead eh?