British singer/songwriter James Blunt mis-used his days at private school getting sacked from choirs and pulling his trousers down for bets.

The YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL hitmaker, who went to the prestigious Harrow School in north-west London, was thrown out of the choir on two occasions and once showed his rear to the entire school while they were watching a film.

He says, "For a time I was in the chapel choir. Then I got sacked.

"Then I was in the plainsong choir. Then I got sacked.

"I wasn't in a band because there was this guy in my house who always laughed at me when I suggested I would like to front one.

"My only 'performance' there was during a film. The school were watching Kindergarten Cop with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"I was paid $90 (GBP50) to run in wearing a toga, rip it off and moon."