James Arthur is currently the King of X Factor and celebrating having sold over one million copies of his debut single, 'Impossible,' but it looks like the endless party since his meteoric rise to the top might have to take a back seat after his last night out ended with him being questioned by police: so they could let him into his house.

Yes, Arthur went and committed the ultimate brain fart last night and forgot to take his keys out with him, leaving him stranded out in the blistering cold for nearly half an hour whilst he waited for police to arrive and help him in. Poor guy, luckily though, there weren't any fans around to pester the singer, as he recently admitted that he gets "freaked out" by his fans in an interview with ITN.

Hapless Arthur had been spending the night mingling with the likes of JLS and One Direction at the pre-Brits party in central London, before he and his 'friend' Caroline Flack headed off to the glitzy Groucho Club alone together for a few drinks. After geting a cab home alone, things went from bad to worse as he was left with a red face, both from embarrassment and the cold, after finding out he'd left his keys at home. At least he didn't end up pulling Flack, now that would have been awkward.