One of the by-products of winning the nation's biggest talent show isn't just the money or the chance to produce music on a huge scale, no, it's the droves of fans that will do anything just to touch your jacket.

That's what's happening to James Arthur, the popular Middlesbrough lad who 'came good' in 2012's version of the show. He's been explaining how all the female attention has affected his day-to-day life, saying he's often surrounded by fans when he goes out, and that he often urges them to leave him alone - and go home. "It freaks me out a little bit, yeah, there were loads of them singing 'Impossible' and I was like what? It's freezing cold, go home," he tells ITN. "I wouldn't say mobbed, I can handle myself."

It's not been a bad time for Mr Arthur since leaving The X-Factor a winner. His debut single reached the covered landmark of one million sales, which, according to Martin Talbot from the Official Charts Company, is great news for the starlet. "Hitting the million mark in around a month is a fantastic achievement for James Arthur. x factor winners often score strong first week sales but to push through to the million mark so quickly is truly impressive."