Former 'X-Factor' winner James Arthur hasn't been having the best time as of late. Earlier this month he parted ways with Simon Cowell’s Syco record label, allegedly after he wrote a song about terrorism. But really that was just one incident in a long list of controversies, missteps and downright foolish behaviour involving Arthur since his 2012 X-Factor win. Now, the latest bit of Arthur drama sees the singer sporting a few cuts after a recent trip to Poland, something he seemed more than happy to share with his thousands of twitter followers. 

James Arthur
James Arthur's had a bump ride since winning the X-Factor in 2012

Arthur shared a picture of his cut face via Twitter on Wednesday along with the caption, “Polish bar brawls are the best.” Some loyal Arthur fans then began voicing their concern for the singer and asking if he was alright. The singer was quick to offer reassurance however, saying “don't worry I'm absolutely fine and in good health just a couple bumps and scratches in a scuffle. Boys will be boys.”

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Arthur didn't reveal how the scrape started, the singer had been in Poland over the weekend to perform at the first annual Wromantic Music Festival in Wroclaw. But given Arthur’s track record we can’t say we’re surprised that he’s once again found himself in a spot of bother. While we don’t know who started the fight, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that Arthur might have done something to irk a fellow drinker on a night out. But it’s also not unfathomable that Arthur might have taken exception to someone else. As we said, it's James Arthur so we’re not surprised.

James ArthurJames Arthur, not the most popular man in music

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You probably neither need nor want a reminder of some of Arthur’s controversial antics since he won the'X-Factor nearly two years ago. From his scrape with Lucy Spraggan, to his rubbish rap attempts as well as generally being an idiot on twitter, Arthur might just have had one of the fastest downfalls in pop history. As for his latest altercation, well it’s just another mark on the already very tarnished record of the former X-Factor winner. Sorry James Arthur, but even though you've now got a slightly cut nose, we still can't make ourselves to feel any sympathy for you.