Rumours surfaced that X-Factor winner James Arthur and one of his pals paid Ria Vincent and another escort £500 for some raunchy activity to take place. This is something the fake pop star has VEHEMENTLY denied.

Ria was unimpressed with the star, telling The Sun: “I had previously really fancied James Arthur – he was on The X Factor. But now I just think the guy is a total loser. When you meet him in the flesh you realise he is just a bit of a geek who doesn’t really know what he is doing. He wouldn’t even take his socks off.” James Arthur, though, wasn’t having this. He to his twitter fingers all atwitch to set the record straight. He wrote: “Apologies to those of my fans reading lies about me today… It’s pure slander so I fight back, sorry.” He also added: “Wow, I love you and your support is incredible. Seriously, I’m blown away here. I’m inundated with love. You will be repaid for your support.” Anything else James? “I have f**king great feet too!” Okay then!

Since winning the X-Factor, Arthur hasn’t really done anything, apart from bad dub-step remixes of even worse songs, and reply to numerous rumours that he’s exploiting his new-found wealth and fame in exchange for cheap thrills. In fact, one thing he has done is convince people he’s arrogant and selfish, rather than exhibiting the charm that won him the X-Factor crown. It’s all rumours, though.

James ArthurLook at that face - he's loving it: Arthur