Well, this is embarrassing! Only weeks after emerging victorious from this years X Factor, James Arthur looks as though he has over-anticipated just how much fame and fortune would be thrust his way after his credit card got declined three times when he was shopping on Boxing Day.

The X Factor winner was indulging himself in the post-Christmas sales, forking out over £700 in one shop, when he had to bring his spending spree to an abrupt halt after his credit card was refused three embarrassing times. The Mirror reports that the singer was forced to make a sheepish phone call to his bank, whilst taking full advantage of the sales at a Stockton-on-Tees branch of Foot Asylum on Boxing Day. With a queue of people eagerly awaiting service behind him, the reality star asked his bank whether any money had been transfered into his account (it hadn't), after which he had to ask the store's manager to put his massive £771.74 bill on his tab for later. Luckily for Arthur, the store's manager complied, probably drooling whilst thinking about all of Simon Cowell's money.

It is unknown whether Arthur's chief rival, Matt Cardle, is behind the credit card refusal, but he's our top suspect anyway.